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What is QS?

QS allows patients to virtually shop around and price out their prescriptions at various pharmacies to obtain the best and most transparent pricing while also streamlining workflow for doctor’s offices and pharmacies.

How does it work?

After your doctor indicates what medication he or she intends to prescribe, you can upload this information to QS along with your insurance card to find out actual real time pricing for you. You can compare multiple QS pharmacies to find the best and most transparent pricing! Don’t waste your time or overpay for medications anymore!


Is it safe?

Yes! QS is completely HIPAA compliant using industry standard encryption and bank grade security for payment.

How much does it cost?

QS is completely free for patients and doctors to use.



Why Should I use QS?

  • No more back-and-forth with the patient
  • No more back-and-forth with the doctors office
  • Provide better service to your patients.
  • Access patient insurance information and demographics with just a click
  • Save staff time on phone calls and reduce overhead costs
  • Set up pick up/delivery options online
  • Process payments online
  • Automated refill notifications to patients
  • Be a QS Pharmacy and help more patients easily fill their prescriptions for better health.


What devices work with QS?

QS is currently designed to work with the iOS software.


What People are Saying

“QS has revolutionized my office by dramatically reducing paperwork which means I can spend time with my patients … the reason I wanted to be a doctor in the first place!”

- QS Doctor

“We feel great that we can provide quality service to our patients with home delivery AND guarantee them best pricing so they can get the treatment they need!”.

- QS pharmacy

“I finally found the best app on the internet … I can literally fill my prescription and get affordable prices from the comfort of my couch”

-QS patient